Re: How to replay a transaction log from the begining

Boxuan Li

Hi Ojas,

Your `startLogProcessor` method looks good to me. I suspect that you are not using the transaction returned in step 1 to do the vertex/edge operations. In step 2, you are using `g.addV` which automatically starts a new anonymous transaction. To commit using that transaction, you will do `g.tx().commit()`, and of course, it will not be captured by your log processor. Therefore, you need to make sure you are using the transaction associated with the log processor to do the mutations.

Try replacing `g` with `tx.traversal()` where `tx` is returned in step 1. Then, your code should look like this:

JanusGraphTransaction tx = startJanusGraphTransaction(identifier);
tx.traversal().addV("idVertex").property(id, "uuid").next();

Hope this helps.


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