Re: JanusGraph System Requirements

Peter Corless

I think you need to qualify this a little better.

For example, 100GB data is relatively small. Would easily fit in a single AWS i3.large. But what's going to be your analytical load? How many queries per second are you going to run? A few, or a lot? Just limited traversals or very broad-ranging queries? What sort of latencies are tolerable? Are you looking for millisecond-scale response times (<10ms) or is multi-second query responses acceptable.

If you want fast response then you're looking at directly-attached NVMe. If you really don't care about the latencies you can use EBS.


On Fri, Jul 9, 2021, 7:22 AM <csconnor257@...> wrote:

What would the system requirements for JanusGraph be with 100 GB of data?


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