Janus multiple subgraphs

Laura Morales <lauretas@...>

My understanding is that a Janus server can host multiple graphs, but they are isolated and cannot be queried together.
I'd like to know if/how it's possible to split one single graph into multiple subgraphs such that:

- I can query only one subgraph, or the entire graph
- vertex/edge properties (and their indexes) are local to a subgraph
- subgraphs can have links from one another, so I should be able to query multiple subgraphs in the same query

I think what I'm trying to achieve is something akin to Postgres' database schemas. In Postgres, databases are independent but they can be sub-divided into multiple schemas. Each schema has its own table, constraints, indexes, but I can query multiple schemas at once by using their fully qualified name "schema.table".

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