A few observations about JanusGraph scripts / config files.

Manoj Waikar <mmwa...@...>


On Windows, using a terminal client like Babun one can run the bin/janusgraph.sh script. I tried running it but it doesn't work for me and this is the output -

Forking Cassandra...
Running `nodetool statusthrift`............ timeout exceeded (60 seconds)

Also, in section " Connecting to Gremlin Server" it is suggested to connect to the remote server using conf/remote.yaml file where port is mentioned as 8183. However the default websocket port in various other configuration files (like conf/gremlin-server/gremlin-server.yaml file) is 8182. I was able to connect to the remote server by changing the port from 8183 to 8182.

Should the port in the remote.yaml file be changed from 8183 to 8182?

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