Re: Could not execute operation due to backend exception

Laura Morales <lauretas@...>

Thank you a lot for the help, I could not figure out what the problem was!
Is it normal that the requirement is so high? 5GB of space for an empty database? And can it be changed somehow with some settings?

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Subject: Re: [janusgraph-users] Could not execute operation due to backend exception
Hi Laura,

Down the stacktrace you can note:Caused by: (JE 18.3.12) Disk usage is not within je.maxDisk or je.freeDisk limits and write operations are prohibited: maxDiskLimit=0 freeDiskLimit=5,368,709,120 adjustedMaxDiskLimit=0 maxDiskOverage=0 freeDiskShortage=4,704,661,504 diskFreeSpace=664,047,616 availableLogSize=-4,704,661,504 totalLogSize=103,399 activeLogSize=103,399 reservedLogSize=0 protectedLogSize=0 protectedLogSizeMap={}After some googling you can conclude that your JanusGraph disk is short of 4.7 GB of space for running JanusGraph with BerkeleyjeDB. Maybe check the logs folder.

No problem you asked; stacktraces can be daunting when very long and it was good to include the entire stacktrace!

Best wishes,    Marc

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