JanusGraph and Cassandra modes.

Manoj Waikar <mmwa...@...>


The Cassandra related JanusGraph documentation specifies various ways in which JanusGraph can be used in concert with Cassandra.

So, if I run Cassandra (on my machine using cassandra -f) and then from my Java / Scala code, if I do the following -
JanusGraph g = JanusGraphFactory.build().set("storage.backend", "cassandra").set("storage.hostname", "").open();

Then -
  1. I am using the Local Server Mode.
  2. Whereas if Cassandra is running on another machine, and then if I replace (localhost) with the IP of the server where Cassandra is running, then I am using the Remote Server Mode.
  3. Also, when Jason replied to my previous question 3, when he said "your application is creating an embedded graph instance" he didn't mean the JanusGraph Embedded Mode (because clearly, I am not running JanusGraph so no question of it running in the same JVM instance as Cassandra)?
Is my understanding correct?

So, when is theĀ Remote Server Mode with Gremlin Server useful? Is it useful when non-Java based applications would like to communicate with Gremlin server?

Also, if I have to host a web application (written in Java / Scala, on my own server) which stores data in Cassandra, then which mode is best? Is it the local / remote server mode depending on where Cassandra resides with respect to the web server?

Thanks in advance for the replies / help.

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