How to split graph in multiple graphml files and load them separately

Laura Morales <lauretas@...>

Assuming that my colleagues and I are working on different "parts" of the same graph, everyone of us creates one GraphML file and then we'd like to load our files into the graph (we're using .readGraph("file.graphml"). My problems are:

1. if I load one file, then the other, Janus will not create the edges that have "origin" in one file and "target" on another because I guess it does not find the target vertex on the same file. Janus assigns its own IDs so it looks like we have to "merge" all the files into one before inserting data to the graph
2. because of 1. we cannot "update" only the part of the graph where the file has changed, instead I have to recreate the whole graph everytime

I'd like to know your comments about how we could organize a collaboration like this, ie. people working on different part of the same graph, merging them together, and update only the parts that have changed. "readGraph" is very useful because a file can be loaded in one line without having to write any custom groovy scripts for parsing all the files.
Thank you.

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