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Nicolas Trangosi <nicolas.trangosi@...>

You could first create a local cache for ORG by retrying first all ORG:

Map<String, Long> orgCache = g.V().has('vertexLabel', 'ORG').project("name", "id").by("orgName").by(

Then replace __.V().has('vertexLabel', 'ORG').has('orgName', orgName) by __V(orgCache.get(orgName))

Same trick, may be used for persons to remove the coalesce if you know that you import more users than already exist in db.


Le lun. 9 août 2021 à 10:07, Vinayak Bali <vinayakbali16@...> a écrit :
Hi Marc, 

To avoid confusion, including a new transaction at line number 39, as well as at line no 121.  
Line 39: GraphTraversalSource g = graph.newTransaction().traversal();
Line 121: g = ctx.g = graph.newTransaction().traversal();
The total time took was 11 mins. The maximum amount of cpu utilization was 40%. As the hardware configuration of the instance is at higher side, still we have enough RAM to increase the performance. 
Request you to share if it's possible to increase the performance further following some process(Hadoop/spark) etc based on your experience. 

Thanks & Regards,

On Sun, Aug 8, 2021 at 1:53 PM <hadoopmarc@...> wrote:
Hi Vinayak,

Yes, it should be possible to improve on the 3% CPU usage.

The newTransaction() should be added to line 39 (GraphTraversalSource g = graph.traversal();) as the global g from line 121 is not used.




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