graphml <edge> inside <node>

Laura Morales <lauretas@...>

Sorry I'm asking to this list because I can't find this information anywhere else.
Is it possible to have an <edge> element nested inside a <node> element with graphml? And will Janus be able to read it correctly? Basically, instead of

<node id="1"></node>
<node id="2"></node>
<edge source="1" target="2"></edge>

I would like to use

<node id="1">
<edge target="2"></edge>
<node id="2"></node>

This would be very useful to me because I have a file (in graphml format) that I'm editing manually, and nesting edges will help me keep all the information "bundled" within a <node>; it would also reduce the verbosity by a lot. Unfortunately I have a feeling that this is not defined by the graphml spec, but I wonder if Janus can parse it?

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