Re: org.janusgraph.diskstorage.PermanentBackendException: Read 1 locks with our rid but mismatched timestamps


Hi Ronnie
No idea what is going on here, but just being pragmatic:

the bin/ script starts Cassandra, Elasticsearch and Gremlin Server using the conf/janusgraph-cql-es.conf graph configuration. As you can check in the janusgraph distribution files, this config does not specify the graph.timestamps  property (so defaults to MICRO).

So some things to try:
  • does your Cassandra cluster have custom settings for the timestamp type? Then you hit an existing janusgraph issue.
  • does your system have a locale different than english-international and does changing the locale recover the issue? Then you discovered a janusgraph issue!
  • does removing the graph.timestamps=MICRO line help? Note that you can only try this on a new graph, because this setting is FIXED.
Best wishes,    Marc

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