Re: Not able to enable Write-ahead logs using tx.log-tx for existing JanusGraph setup

Radhika Kundam

Hi Boxuan,For existing JanusGraph setup, I am updating tx.log-tx configuration by setting management system property as mentioned in
And I could see the configuration updated properly in JanusGraphManagement.

managementSystem.get("tx.log-tx"); => prints false
managementSystem.set("tx.log-tx", true);
managementSystem.get("tx.log-tx"); => prints true

But this change is not reflected for logTransactions in 
graph.getConfiguration().hasLogTransactions() => prints false
While transaction recovery using StandardTransactionLogProcessor it checks for the argument graph.getConfiguration().hasLogTransactions() which is not having latest config('tx.log-tx') updated in ManagementSystem.
To reflect the change, I had to restart cluster two times. 
Also since it's GLOBAL property I am not allowed to override using graph.configuration() and only available option is to update through ManagementSystem which is not updating logTransactions.

I would really appreciate your help on this.


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