Re: Not able to enable Write-ahead logs using tx.log-tx for existing JanusGraph setup

Radhika Kundam

Hi Boxuan,

Thank you for the response. I tried by forceClosing all management instances except the current one before setting "tx.log-tx". Management is getting updated with latest value, this is not the issue even without closing other instances. The issue is graph.getConfiguration().hasLogTransactions() is not getting refreshed through JanusGraphManagement property update. My understanding is logTransactions will be updated only through GraphDatabaseConfiguration:preLoadConfiguration which will be called only when we open graph instance don't see any setter method to update logTransactions when we update JanusGraphManagement property. Because of this after updating JanusGraphManagement when we restart cluster it's invoking  GraphDatabaseConfiguration:preLoadConfiguration which is updating logTransactions value then.

Please correct me if I am missing anything and it'll be really helpful if any alternative approach to update logTransaction when we update Management property without restarting the cluster.


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