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Laura Morales <lauretas@...>

I've asked my question over there (here's the thread and the possible solution seems to be to use readVertices() instead of read() or readGraph(). But I'm very confused and I'd really appreciate if you guys could help me make sense of it. I haven't used Gremlin, Groovy, and Janus before, so I'm basically relying on the Janus documentation but I cannot find any examples for this.
How can I load a GraphSON file using readVertices()?

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Hi Laura,

If you want to know, you would better ask on the TinkerPop users list. Note that graphSON is not designed as a human-readable or standardized interchange format, but rather as interchange format between TinkerPop-compatible processes. If you want to create or modify a graphSON file, it is easier to instantiate a TinkerGraph and use the TinkerPop API.

Best wishes,   Marc

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