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Ioannis <idu...@...>

Fantastic, I was not aware that there is such an established community. Thank you for the detailed list. My "graph" queries :) at did not return any of them (apart from the first one). Since I already paid to setup the meetup group I will keep it for next few months and then consider consolidating.

Warm regards,

On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 8:18 PM, Lynn Bender <ly...@...> wrote:
Dear All,

There already are several Graph Database meetups in the Bay Area:

Silicon Valley Graph Database Meetup

Bay Area Knowledge Graphs

San Francisco Graph Database Meetup

These groups are managed by the organization that sponsored the recent Graph Day conference in San Francisco.

Anyone who speaks at one of our groups will get a FREE ticket to the next Graph Day conference.
Any company who hosts one of our meetups will get a FREE ticket to next Graph Day conference to distribute however they wish (except raffling off publicly).

We are also organizing the upcoming Graph Day at Data Day Seattle.

We encourage you to submit a talk on Janus -- we still have a few slots left.

Kind regards,

On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 3:58 PM, Ioannis Papapanagiotou <idu...@...> wrote:
Dear all,

I created a generic meetup group for Graph databases and frameworks in the Bay Area. We (at Netflix) are thinking of hosting a meetup at some point in the near future so kicking the tires.

Thank you,
Ioannis Papapanagiotou

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