Re: Removing a vertex is not removing recently added properties in different transaction


Hi Priyanka,

The case you describe sounds suspect and might be a JanusGraph issue. Your last remark ("If i add some delay b/w two operations then vertices are getting removed correctly.") gives an important clue as to what is going on.

A few additional questions:
  • Do have the JanusGraph database cache disabled? (This is the default setting for JanusGraph-0.5+)?
  • See the tunability section of Did you enable any HBase client settings that impact the HBase visibility guarantees ( )? Note that you may have a CLASSPATH that picks up hbase-site.xml configs from your cluster.
If this turns out to be a JanusGraph issue, is it possible for you do the graph operations in a single transaction (workaround)?

Best wishes,   Marc

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