Re: Berkeley JE information


Here is how I see this:

- the current public release with direct download is 4 years old 7.5.11, compiled with Java 8 and supporting Java 9 according to its and build script;
- the public Oracle maven repo release is 3 years old 18.3.2, which is according to Oracle a fork from Berkeley JE created specifically for Oracle NoSQL Database, compiled with Java 10;
- the most recent download release of Oracle NoSQL Database includes je version 20.3.17 which is compiled with Java 11 but is not present in public Oracle maven repo (both LATEST and RELEASE return 18.3.12).

Therefore there are 3 different releases of je, where direct download and maven versions are outdated, and Oracle has unofficial plans to replace je with unknown future product.
Too much unsertainty IMHO.

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