Re: Unconfigured table exceptions in Janusgraph 0.6.0

Oleksandr Porunov


Mladen that issue is most likely related to this discussion of how the new CQL driver updates schema view:

As suggested in that thread, to improve performance we set metadata_schema_window to 0 (to keep schema creation performance similar to the previous driver). That said, we probably made a mistake when hardcoded that value to 0. We probably should make it configurable in the next minor release. (you can see that configuration set here:

Luckily, there is a way to overwrite JanusGraph default CQL Driver configurations.
See explanation here (configuration options under `storage.cql.internal`):

Probably the easiest way to overwrite that value as for now would be to use `storage.cql.internal.string-configuration`. I.e. something like:
storage.cql.internal.string-configuration = "datastax-java-driver { advanced.metadata.schema.debouncer.window = 1 second }"
The DataStax default value is "1 second" thus, I would recommend to try 1 second as they recommend. In case that isn't enough you could try to increase that value but be aware that your schema creation (i.e. new graphs initial creation) will be longer due to this window delay.

I have opened the issue to tack here:
Let me know if increasing `advanced.metadata.schema.debouncer.window` helps with your issue.

Best regards,
Oleksandr Porunov

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