Re: Template configuration parameters with comma-separated lists in Janusgraph 0.6.0

Mladen Marović


thanks for the replies.

However, my point was that I'm explicitly setting a value WITHOUT brackets when creating a template configuration in the startup script:

map.put('storage.hostname', 'test-master,test-worker1');

, which also shows when I inspect that template configuration:

gremlin> ConfiguredGraphFactory.getTemplateConfiguration()

, but when I create a new graph, it is created using a value WITH brackets:

gremlin> ConfiguredGraphFactory.getConfiguration('default_').get('storage.hostname')
==>[test-master, test-worker1]

which then produces the error when trying to open the graph.

To reiterate, I'm using a very similar script in 0.5.3 which works without any issues, but in 0.5.3 I disable list parsing manually when creating the template. In 0.6.0 the codebase switched to commons-configuration2 which has list parsing disabled by default, so I don't think I should have to disable it again. Even if I do, or use a different delimiter, it still doesn't work because creating the template configuration seems to work fine, but creating a new graph from that configuration does not.

I hope the issue itself is more clear now.

Kind regards,

Mladen Marović

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