Re: Template configuration parameters with comma-separated lists in Janusgraph 0.6.0

Mladen Marović

Hi Marc,

thanks for the reply, but the error in the linked issue is a bit different, and also I'm already using graphManager: "", which seemed to fix the linked issue.

I found a somewhat hackish workaround that seems to create the graph properly. Instead of using:


, I manually create a configuration from the template and open the graph:

// ConfiguredGraphFactory.create('default_');
map = new HashMap<String, Object>();
map.put('graph.graphname', 'default_');
ConfiguredGraphFactory.getTemplateConfiguration().each{k, v -> map.putIfAbsent(k, v)};
conf = new MapConfiguration(map);

After doing this, the graph is created seemingly without errors and I can use it as before.

I would expect ConfiguredGraphFactory.create() to do more or less exactly what I did manually, but the results were different and incorrect. Could there be some changes in ConfiguredGraphFactory.create() that cause it to behave differently than it did before?

Kind regards,

Mladen Marović

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