Different query languages

Mladen Marović


one of the reasons I started using Janusgraph a few years ago was because of its support for Tinkerpop, which is supposed to be a vendor-agnostic graph computing framework. However, multiple different graph databases appeared since then (with each being "the best one yet", of course), but Tinkerpop/Gremlin adoption doesn't seem to be as I expected. There are now many different languages for querying graphs (openCypher, Gremlin, GSQL, SPARQL...) with possibly different niches and without a clear standard like, for example, SQL in relational databases. This is quite a problem for a user that wants to try out different databases and benchmark them for a specific use case, and maybe even has a lot of these benchmarking scripts prepared.

Are there any plans to support other graph query languages besides Gremlin in Janusgraph? Is there maybe a plugin or some other type of support for this that I'm not aware of yet?

Thanks in advance,

Mladen Marović

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