Re: Janusgraph upgrade 0.5.2 --> 0.6.0 | CQL issue


Hi Pawan,

OK, I did a small upgrade session myself and did not encounter any issues (apart from having to set numTokens: 4 in conf/cassandra.yaml).

This is what I did:
  1. Start from a fresh janusgraph-full-0.5.3 distribution (so, with an empty db folder)
  2. Run bin/ start
  3. Run bin/ and
    graph ='conf/')
  4. Run bin/ stop
  5. Start from a fresh janusgraph-full-0.6.0 distribution (so, with an empty db folder)
  6. Copy the db folder from janusgraph-full-0.5.3/db to janusgraph-full-0.6.0
  7. Set set numTokens: 4 in conf/cassandra.yaml
  8. Run bin/ start
  9. Run bin/ and
    graph ='conf/')
Can you reproduce your issue in a similar way?

Best wishes,     Marc

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