JanusGraph server clustering with NodeJS


I'm new to JanusGraph and implemented "single janus server- single nodejs client" setup successfully. Able to create multiple dynamic graphs within the same janusServer instance (if anyone need helps here, I'm happy to help) with Google BigTable as storage backend.

The thing I'm stuck with is this clustering of Janus graph. The idea is to scale up the current architecture with multiple JanusGraph servers to speed up the execution.
I've three google VM instances where I've have configured the same JanusGraph server setup. Now, how can I distribute the data to these three JanusGraph Servers.
I'm using "gremlin" npm module, but it doesn't have the option to connect with three servers at the same time. 

Its been a week I'm looking for solutions, but not able to find any. 
Is there anything I'm missing? If there's any better approach? Or any solution to my problem?

Any help would be Great! Thank You!
Happy Coding!

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