Re: Diagnosing slow write speeds to BigTable


Hey again Boxuan, thanks for your help in this thread!

1) Read speed is quite fast, at least as fast as I would expect for using a remote database like BigTable.
2) That is a good idea, I will try making some writes to BigTable outside of JanusGraph in this container. However, considering that the BigTable client stats and BigTable server stats both report low latencies from within the JanusGraph application, this is looking like a JanusGraph-related issue. I will report back with results today.

On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 11:48 AM Boxuan Li <liboxuan@...> wrote:
I am not an expert on this and I've never used BigTable or GCP before, but here are my two cents:

1) Did you test the read speed? Is it also very slow compared to writing?

2) Did you try using an HBase/Bigtable client (in the same GCP container as your JanusGraph instance) to write to your BigTable cluster? If it's also very slow then the problem might be with your network or other setups.


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