Python output to mgmt queries


Hi! I am trying to parse some basic info from the schema via Python but I am probably doing something wrong. 

I can request the management info with the Client object in python:

from gremlin_python.driver.client import Client
client = Client('ws://localhost:8182/gremlin', 'mygraph')
mgmt = "mygraph.openManagement()"
get_v_labels = mgmt + ".getVertexLabels()"
tt = client.submit(get_v_labels).all().result()

I have 16 labels, and if I run it in the gremlin console I obtain a list of labels. In python, instead, 
I get
[v[74253], v[74765], v[75277], v[75789], v[76301], v[76813], v[77325], v[77837], v[78349], v[78861], v[79373], v[79885], v[80397], v[80909], v[81421], v[81933]]

If I do
for t in tt:
    for p in g.V(
         print("key:",p.label, "| value: " ,p.value)
I do not get any output. How can I get the list of labels from the schema?

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