Re: Python output to mgmt queries


Hi Marc, 
Thank you for your reply. I would like to access this information only from the schema (my graph is empty now). Your second solution could work but it only prints the result. So to get the labels, I would need to extract them with some regex. 
However, I think I have found a solution.
It seems that python converts the object org.janusgraph.graphdb.types.VertexLabelVertex to gremlin_python.structure.graph.Vertex. I do not know if this is wanted or accidental  (for janusgraph-0.6.x with gremlin_python-3.5.1).
However, I can get a list of labels if I convert the labels to string before requesting the result to Python. 
For example
from gremlin_python.driver.client import Client
client = Client('ws://localhost:8182/gremlin', 'mygraph')
mgmt = "mygraph.openManagement()"
get_v_labels = mgmt + ".getVertexLabels().collect {a ->}"

In this way, I can also get properties etc.

Thanks again and best wishes, 

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