Re: Potential transaction issue (JG 0.6.0)

Boxuan Li

I guess this has something to do with race conditions. Although I couldn't reproduce the exact issue, I found a similar race condition that caused an NPE in `expireSchemaElement` method (  The fix is here: which will be released in the next minor version (0.6.1). This PR also includes the temporary fix proposed by Sergey:

public InternalVertex getInternalVertex(long vertexId) {
// TODO temporary fix
if (isClosed()) {
return null;
//return vertex but potentially check for existence
return vertexCache.get(vertexId, internalVertexRetriever);

If anyone is able to find a steady way to reproduce this issue and/or encounter a similar NPE issue somewhere else, please let me know, thanks! A code review is also very welcome.


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