Re: Janusgraph embedded multi instance(JVM) data sync issue

Pawan Shriwas

Hi Marc,

I have removed cache properties from instances and we already have new transactions for each api operation but still facing stale data issues in other instances for some time.

Below is the code which is used for the new transaction for each operation.

In my embedded janusgraph service, We always create new translations for each api operation using below code and do commit or rollback at the end of api operation.  but sometimes it works and sometimes not. Is it a sync kind of issue which varies between graph instances in multiple services(JVM).

// Create graph instance code(once service start) 
  String filePath = ConfigUtils.getString(GraphConstants.GRAPH_FILE_PATH);
  JanusGraph graphinstance =;

// create transaction code for each api operation
  JanusgraphTransaction threadedTransaction=  graphinstance.getGraphInstance().newTransaction();

// we do commit or rollback at end of each api operation

Let me know if anything related to configuration or any code needs to tried for the same.


On Fri, Jan 7, 2022 at 1:45 PM <hadoopmarc@...> wrote:
Hi Pawan,

Your requirement for instant synchronization cannot work with JanusGraph caches enabled, because JanusGraph will get data from the cache if available, instead of getting the latest data from the backend. So,

  • cache.db-cache = false
  • be sure to start a new transaction before querying for the latest data (e.g. by executing a g.tx().commit())
Best wishes,    Marc

Thanks & Regard


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