Re: Janusgraph embedded multi instance(JVM) data sync issue


Hi Pawan,

OK, let's investigate further. You say that the issue occurs for both vertex creation and modification. Let's take the clearest case first: vertex creation with an indexed property. So, in your system setup, if you have added a new vertex with embedded intance1, sometimes it takes a minute or more before a query for this vertex (based on its property value) on instance2 returns the vertex. This can only mean that the elasticserch index sometimes does not return the new property value. This on its turn means that an elasticsearch replica has not yet been synced with the data about the new vertex.

Indeed, the janusgraph-elastic configs have a key index.[X].elasticsearch.bulk-refresh (default: false) which can be set to any of the values in:

One can check the correspondence between this janusgraph config item and the elasticsearch API parameter in:

So, can you see what happens with the other possible values for index.[X].elasticsearch.bulk-refresh?

Best wishes,    Marc

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