Re: JG Schema - addConnection seem to create duplicate connections


Hi Peter,

Thanks for reporting. I think it is a bug. I checked with the standalone gremlin REPL of janusgraph-0.6.0, using:
graph ='conf/')

This gives the same results and if you add the from toEdge connections first, the FromEdge gets 4 connections.

You can check that two of the four connections are redundant, that is, they refer to the same edge in the schema:

gremlin> edges[1].mappedConnections()
gremlin> edges[1].mappedConnections()[0].getConnectionEdge()
gremlin> edges[1].mappedConnections()[1].getConnectionEdge()
gremlin> edges[1].mappedConnections()[2].getConnectionEdge()
gremlin> edges[1].mappedConnections()[3].getConnectionEdge()

Finally, I checked that the schema results remain the same if you add the following config properties to the graph (as suggested by the ref docs):

Can you please report this as an issue on:

Best wishes,   Marc

On Tue, Jan 11, 2022 at 01:06 PM, Peter Molnar wrote:
mgmt = graph.openManagement();

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