Re: dynamic graphics, limits and global index

Matthew Nguyen <nguyenm9@...>

Hi Marc, just to be clear.

If I create Graph A and build an index on Vertex P via something like:

JanusGraphManagement mgmt = graph.openManagement();
PropertyKey propP = mgmt.getPropertyKey("propertyP");  // assume 'propertyP' has been created via makeProperty()
mgmt.buildIndex("byP", Vertex.class).addKey(propP).buildCompositeIndex();

and I create another Graph B and build the same index and I insert "Hello World" via

GraphA.V().addV().property("propertyP", "Hello World") and 
GraphB.V().addV().property("propertyP", "Hello World")

There should be no conflict btwn the two graphs on propertyP correct?  I assume not but something I want to be absolutely clear on.  Also, are the limits on number of vertices (2^59?) and edges (2^60) per graph or per storage installation?

thx, matt

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