Re: JanusGraph database cache on distributed setup


Hi Boxuan,

I was able to change ExpirationKCVSCache class to persist the cache on Redis DB,

But i could still see some data anomaly between two JG instances. As example when i change a property of a vertex from one JG server [ g.V(40964200).property('data', 'some_other_value')

JG instance A
JG instance A

it does not reflect on other JG instance. 

JG instance B
JG instance B

When debuging the flow we could identify that when we triggering a vertex property modification, it gets persists on guava cache using  GuavaVertexCache add method and when retrieving it reads data using  get method on same class. This could be the reason for above observation.

Feels like we might need to do modifications on transaction-wise cache as well. Correct me if i am missing something here and happy to contribute the implementation to the community once this done.



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