Re: Janusgraph evaluation/POC with large semiconductor measurement data advice needed

Boxuan Li

Hi Eric,

Could you try the following query instead?


Make sure you also enable the `query.batch` option in your config. FYI, valueMap() is executed in a serial fashion while values() can be executed concurrently (we have an open issue for that

Please let me know if you still have any sort of performance problem after applying the above trick. It’s likely that your use case could be further tuned.


On Apr 14, 2022, at 3:18 AM, eric.neufeld via <> wrote:

I forgot:

In that example parvalue contains 5 double values (list property) for each parameter. Might be a bit confusing. However that PropertyMapStep is slow. When i put some similar data into e.g. MongoDB for example i can query that as pandas dataframe in less than 1s or even half a second. But in janusgraph it could take up to 60s.

I run this with JanusGraph 0.6.1 on an old simulation server (32 CPUs,64GB memory or something like that).

Greetings, Eric

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