Re: Rapid deletion of vertices


Hello Scott,

i had the same situation but with much more data. Fastest way was stopping the server, then clear all, start it again and create the schema again.

bin/ stop
bin/ clear
bin/ start
bin/ -i scripts/init-myGraph.groovy

Of course these steps could added to some sh script like

In init-myGraph.groovy  i added something like:

:remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/.....-remote.yaml
:remote console
:load data/gravity-my-schema.groovy

In data/gravity-my-schema.groovy there i define that groovy function defineMySchema(graph)

//#!/usr/bin/env groovy
def defineWafermapSchema(graph) {
    // Create graph schema and indexes, if they haven't already been created
    m = graph.openManagement()
    println 'setup schema'
    if (m.getPropertyKey('name') == null) {
      la= m.makeVertexLabel("la").make()


Maybe this helps,

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