Re: Bulk Loading with Spark

Joe Obernberger

Should have added - I'm connecting with:

JanusGraph graph =
                .set("storage.backend", "cql")
                .set("storage.hostname", "charon:9042, chaos:9042")
                .set("storage.cql.keyspace", "graph")
                .set("storage.cql.cluster-name", "JoeCluster")
.set("storage.cql.only-use-local-consistency-for-system-operations", "true")
                .set("storage.cql.batch-statement-size", 256)
                .set("storage.cql.local-max-connections-per-host", 8)
                .set("", "ONE")
                .set("storage.batch-loading", true)
                .set("schema.default", "none")
                .set("ids.block-size", 100000)
                .set("storage.buffer-size", 16384)


On 5/20/2022 5:28 PM, Joe Obernberger via wrote:
Hi All - I'm trying to use spark to do a bulk load, but it's very slow.
The cassandra cluster I'm connecting to is a bare-metal, 15 node cluster.

I'm using java code to do the loading using:
GraphTraversalSource.addV and Vertex.addEdge in a loop.

Is there a better way?

Thank you!


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