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Joe Obernberger

Thank you Marc.  I'm currently doing everything with a traversal, and then doing a traversal.tx().commit()
Sounds like what you suggested is what I want, but just to be clear:
Here's what I'm trying to do.

Thread 1/JVM1 gets a request that requires adding new vertices and edges to the graph.
Thread 2/JVM1 gets a similar request. 
Some of the vertices added in Thread 1 end up having the same attributes/name has vertices from Thread 2, but I only want to have one vertex if it's going to have the same attributes.
If Thread 1 adds that vertex before it does a commit, then Thread 2, when it looks up said vertex won't find it; so it will also add it.

Code example (traversal is a GraphTraversalSource gotten from JanusGraphFactory.traversal())

try {
            correlationVertex = traversal.V().has("correlationID", correlationID).next();
        } catch (java.util.NoSuchElementException nse) {
            correlationVertex = null;


if (correlationVertex == null) {
            correlationVertex = traversal.addV("correlation").property("correlationID", correlationID).next();
  "a", blah1);
  "b", blah2);


I do similar things with edges:

        try {
            dataSourceToCorrelationEdge = traversal.E().has("edgeID", edgeID).next();
        } catch (NoSuchElementException nse) {
            dataSourceToCorrelationEdge = null;

Ultimately, I'd like to have several JVMs handling these requests; each which runs multiple threads.
I'll look at using a new transaction per call.  Thank you!


On 6/17/2022 8:01 AM, hadoopmarc@... wrote:
Hi Joe,

Do you mean with threadsafe transactions that requests from different client threads should be handled independently, that is in different JanusGraph Transactions?

In that case, I think you want to use a GraphTraversalSource per request like this:

g = graph.newTransaction().traversal()

Best wishes,    Marc

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