Re: Getting Edges - Performance

Boxuan Li

Hi Joe,

> The java code talks directly to cassandra via the Janusgraph library.  Should I be using a Gremlin server instead?

I see, so you are using embedded JanusGraph. It has less overhead compared to the Gremlin server which is an advantage. That being said, if your java programs are not running in the same region as your Cassandra cluster, the latency could be large. In that case, it is better to use a gremlin server that sits in the same data center as Cassandra.

> Slowness happens frequently. Could you explain p50, 90, p99 latency?

This is a quick intro: In short, I would like to quantitatively learn what you mean by "slowness happens frequently".

> I'm trying to load data into the graph as quickly as possible

I am assuming your throughput is large. You might be hitting the limit of a JanusGraph internal thread pool. Try disabling `storage.cql.executor-service.enabled`. See


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