Deserializer for "janusgraph:RelationIdentifier" not found


Hello again – I’m responding to this thread. I saw the response to my original email via the web interface, but never received it by email, so cannot send this as a reply to that email.


In my original email I said:


Hi All – I’m getting error “Deserializer for "janusgraph:RelationIdentifier" not found” when executing the below traversal using JanusGraph.Net:


await gtx.AddV("person").AddE("whatever").Promise(t => t.Iterate());


Florian Hockmann was very helpful to reply with:


the error is telling you that Gremlin.Net cannot deserialize the GraphSON type “janusgraph:RelationIdentifier”. That’s because it’s a JanusGraph specific type and Gremlin.Net doesn’t know anything about such types.


That is why we’ve built JanusGraph.Net:

It’s a .NET library that simply extends Gremlin.Net for such JanusGraph specific types like RelationIdentifier. Switching to that library should solve these problems. It also make it easy to always have a version of the .NET driver that is compatible with your JanusGraph Server version.


However, I was actually using the JanusGraph.Net client – specifically version 0.4.1, the latest available on NuGet.


Am I not using JanusGraph.Net correctly?




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