Re: Deserializer for "janusgraph:RelationIdentifier" not found

Florian Hockmann

But you are subscribed to the list and you are getting other messages here?


Am I not using JanusGraph.Net correctly?


Can you please show how you are creating the client and the GraphTraversalSource? If you are using the JanusGraphClientBuilder, then it should be using the JanusGraph.Net serializers.


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Hello again – I’m responding to this thread. I saw the response to my original email via the web interface, but never received it by email, so cannot send this as a reply to that email.


In my original email I said:


Hi All – I’m getting error “Deserializer for "janusgraph:RelationIdentifier" not found” when executing the below traversal using JanusGraph.Net:


await gtx.AddV("person").AddE("whatever").Promise(t => t.Iterate());


Florian Hockmann was very helpful to reply with:


the error is telling you that Gremlin.Net cannot deserialize the GraphSON type “janusgraph:RelationIdentifier”. That’s because it’s a JanusGraph specific type and Gremlin.Net doesn’t know anything about such types.


That is why we’ve built JanusGraph.Net:

It’s a .NET library that simply extends Gremlin.Net for such JanusGraph specific types like RelationIdentifier. Switching to that library should solve these problems. It also make it easy to always have a version of the .NET driver that is compatible with your JanusGraph Server version.


However, I was actually using the JanusGraph.Net client – specifically version 0.4.1, the latest available on NuGet.


Am I not using JanusGraph.Net correctly?




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