Connecting to server from java: can't lock berkeleyje


I'm trying to connect to janusgraph server from java. If I follow the instructions in the documentation, using this in gradle:

    implementation 'org.janusgraph:janusgraph-driver:0.6.2'

    implementation 'org.apache.tinkerpop:gremlin-driver:3.5.3'

JanusGraph and JanusGraphFactory can't be found. If I add:

    implementation 'org.janusgraph:janusgraph-core:0.6.2'

and I use conf/, I get an error message that needs to be defined. I don't find that property, but if I add:


then I get Could not find implementation class: org.janusgraph.diskstorage.berkeleyje.BerkeleyJEStoreManager

If I add:

    implementation 'org.janusgraph:janusgraph-berkeleyje:0.6.2'

then I get:

Please supply configuration parameter "" or both "storage.root" and "graph.graphname".

If I add:

then I get:

/somewhere/graph/berkeleyje The environment cannot be locked for single writer access. ENV_LOCKED: The je.lck file could not be locked. Environment is invalid and must be closed.

I think that is because the server is running and the file is locked.

How can I connect to a running server remotely from java, if I'm using berkeleyje? I've been able to connect to the server to run queries from python and from gremlin shell.


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