Re: Proper way to define metaproperties in schema

Jason Plurad <plu...@...>

Would you be able to test your scenario against JanusGraph master branch? It's running TP 3.2.6.

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 10:30:00 AM UTC-4, David Brown wrote:
A bit of a follow up on this. I have determined that the source of my problem relates to selecting an individual vertex property from a list cardinality property. I use this traversal: g.V(v).properties('key').hasValue(val).next(). If `val` is anything other than a string, this query returns nothing. It works fine with string type properties. For the record, I am using gremlin-python based code to remote the db, and I think the current Janus only tests against TP 3.2.3 (which is pre gremlin-python). My code runs as expected against TP 3.2.4 + with TinkerGraph.

On Monday, August 28, 2017 at 1:44:18 PM UTC-4, David Brown wrote:
Hello JanusGraph users,

I have been experimenting with Janus, and using the automatic schema generation, metaproperties work as expected. However, when I set `schema.default=none` in the conf and define my own schema, metaproperties seem to quit working--metaproperty data is no longer returned in the Gremlin Server response. How should metaproperties be defined in the schema? I can't seem to find this information in the documentation. I can provide example schema definitions if necessary.



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