[ANNOUNCE] JanusGraph 1.0.0 RC2

Oleksandr Porunov

The JanusGraph Technical Steering Committee is excited to announce JanusGraph 1.0.0-rc2, the second release candidate of the upcoming 1.0.0 release.

JanusGraph is an Apache TinkerPop enabled property graph database with support for a variety of storage and indexing backends. Thank you to all of the contributors.

We encourage everyone to try out this release candidate in your test environments and provide us feedback. You can simply reply to this thread with any feedback you have. Note that this is a release candidate and not a final release. Some changes should be expected between this and the final release of 1.0.0.

Notable new features in this release include:
- Upgrade to TinkerPop 3.6.2
- Support for Cassandra 4
- (Official) support for Java 11
- Cache performance improvements
- Upgrade to Log4j2
- Use mixed indices for numeric aggregations (min(), max(), mean(), sum())
- Support TEXTSTRING mapping in Solr
- New graph API to evaluate Gremlin scripts if JanusGraph is used embedded
- ConfiguredGraphFactory can now create different indexes for different graphs in Elasticsearch
- Add management API to remove ghost vertices
- Add possibility to remove stale graph index entries
- Improved support for Geoshapes in GraphBinary
- Remove dependency on cassandra-all
- Support TTL for CQL backend on Amazon Managed KeySpace
- Improved index life-cycle. Better index management, possibility to remove indexes.
- Support for ElasticSearch 8
- Possibility to use dedicated ScyllaDB driver when JanusGraph is used embedded

Upgrade instructions is provided in the changelog of the release: https://docs.janusgraph.org/master/changelog/#upgrade-instructions

The release artifacts can be found at this location:

A full binary distribution is provided for user convenience:
A truncated binary distribution is provided:

The online docs can be found here:
To view the resolved issues and commits check the milestone here:

Thank you very much,
Oleksandr Porunov
on behalf of JanusGraph TSC

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