[BUG] Syntax error using logical operator OR


We discovered a bug that Syntax error using logical operator OR.

- JanusGraph Version: 0.6.2
- Operating system: macOS 13.2.1
- API/Driver: Java

We want to use logical operator OR to merge two individual queries, but it trigger a syntax exception which I think the query it's actually correct. And I keep triggering this kind of problem.
Here is one of our examples that triggered the bug.
1) `g.V().or(__.count()).has('vp1')` is a correct query.
2) `g.V().in('el0')` is a correct query.
3) `g.V().or(or(__.count()).has('vp1'),in('el0'))` is supposed to be a correct query but trigger a crash.

- Expected behavior:
No exception should be expected to throw.

- Actual behavior:
A `exception` is thrown. And I'm not really sure whether this problem should happen so I report this. And I think if I replace the `in` into `inE` here, the bug may not be triggered, but I read the [Gremlin manual](https://tinkerpop.apache.org/docs/current/reference/) carefully, this query syntax is correct and should be supported.
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.driver.exception.ResponseException: startup failed:
Script278.groovy: 1: unexpected token: in @ line 1, column 36.

1 error

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