[BUG ]Encountering an unexpected exception [java.lang.IllegalArgumentException] when ordering vertices/edges by property values that are not defined for all


Version: 0.6.3 OS: Linux
Similar to an issue in OrientDB https://github.com/orientechnologies/orientdb/issues/9933
Here is a simpler case to reproduce:
=> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
When attempting to order vertices by property value "name" that is not defined for all vertices, we have received an unexpected exception [java.lang.IllegalArgumentException]. We have found that other Graph Databases such as HugeGraph and ArcadeDB are capable of executing similar Gremlin queries without encountering exceptions, which leads us to believe that this functionality should be supported in JanusGraph as well.
Would it be possible for you to further confirm it? It would be highly appreciated.

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