Re: Custermized Docker for janusgraph 1.0.0. rc2

Yingjie Li

Hello Boxuan.

Thanks for the pointers.   Will it allow me to run with certain configuration,  such as use ConfiguredGraphFactory instead of JanusgraphFactory etc? 

To add a little bit of context here. I have been using Janusgraph all in one package with the cql-es backend.  In my docker, I first do certain customization to janusgraph-all-in-one package :1) Configure Janusgraph to use ConfiguredGraphFactory instead of JanusgraphFactory 2) change the JVM heap Size 3) change the default evaluationTimeout time for gremlin server, and 4) remove certain extensions/jars that I don't use.

I then initialize it with a default graph with own defined schema (groovy script) if there is no graph defined.

The last part is a flask service that insert data to the graph and query the graph (gremlin-python or gremlin command). The entry point of my docker is the flask service. So basically the user interacts with the graph via flask APIs.

Now I need to split my docker into three separate ones, Janusgraph + flask (can split if necessary), Cassandra (latest docker) OpenSearch(latest docker, replacing Elasticsearch as the ElasticSearch license in Janusgraph all in one is not sspl).

I am looking for pointers/samples that help me to do the above.


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