Re: Custermized Docker for janusgraph 1.0.0. rc2

Yingjie Li

Hello Florian,

Thanks for the pointers. I started with this one as I need to replace Elastic Search With other index backends that have Apache license, prefer to be OpenSearch. I found an example (the one and only) that worked  (I tried) with  older images (janusgraph/janusgraph:0.6.2, cassandra:3,  from    that was  emebed in an earlier discussion in Janusgraph git:

As old images contains security issues such as log4j etc, so I swapped old images with the latest  in the docker compose yml,  but kept the env files the same, and encounter the error. 

As for "Your log shows that JanusGraph tries to connect to Cassandra under which doesn’t make much sense if you are using Docker compose (and don’t use the host network)"  can you elaborate on it? 

I will also try the docker comopose yml link you share and see.





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