Re: Help needed! Configure janusgraph-1.0.0-docker (either rebuild from base or docker compose with env variable setting) to use ConfigurationManagementGraph, and then initialize it with own graph & schema

Yingjie Li

Thanks Florian. Can you please help me with 

1. the exact ENV code  that I can add to my Docker to enable ConfigurationManagementGraph so that I can apply my own schema (using ConfiguredGraphFactory to create graph and create index) when docker start. 

2. the exact janusgprah env of the above if I use docker-compose to compose 3 containers janusgraph1.0.0-rc2, cassandra, and OpenSearch(ElasticSearch). I put the below lines in the env as you suggested in other email chain, and unfortunately they are not working except the last one. So what am missing here?






I know the general concept,and I can set other env like gremlinserver.evaluationTimeout. I just can not get ConfiguredGraphFactory work me using docker or docker-compose. 

For now, yes, I get the local installation of janugraph1.0.0-rc2 work (e.g., use ConfiguredGraphFactory  to create graph etc) with the other two containers  by simply invoking janusgprah server with config: 
./bin/ start conf/gremlin-server/gremlin-server-configuration.yaml and initialize it with my own schema,

i was able to inject near million nodes/edges into the graph (3-5 faster than the jansugraph-full version), but I would perfer to not creating my image from source code if there is docker image we can leverage.


Thank you


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