Re: Unit testing with JanusGraph

Vladyslav Kosulin <vkos...@...>

For unit testing you should use mocks otherwise this is not unit testing.
For functional testing I use TinkerGraph as much faster and less resource hungry backend. Janus in-memory should be fine, also, but I have not tried it.
I would use cassandra backend only for regression and acceptance testing.
But my app is dealing with multiple backends and my domain model is based on interfaces and all my business logic is backend agnostic.

On Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:22:37 AM UTC-4, Suny wrote:

I am using janusgraph with cassandra as backend for my application. If i want to write a unit test to verify saving/retrieving of data, is mocking the only way ? 

Can i use in-memory database for unit testing and cassandra for the real application data on same janusgraph instance ? Or do i need separate JG instances ?


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