Re: janusgraph a lot of time for a complete scan of graph conating 100K vertices

HadoopMarc <marc.d...@...>

Hi Himanshu,

g.V().count() requires a full table scan, so normally you would use an OLAP query for that. Unfortunately, OLAP queries with HBase also still have some performance issues, see:

You could also try a direct index query to the ES backend, no idea how that will perform for you:

Op vrijdag 8 september 2017 15:28:23 UTC+2 schreef Himanshu Mishra:

Hi all,

I have a Janusgraph with more than 100K vertices.
When I try to retrieve all the vertices through a java code using a gremlin query, it takes more than 10 mins to list all the vertices.

I am using hbase as backend source, and elastic search for searching.


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