Re: similar edges and how to prevent them

Daniel Kuppitz <me@...>

I guess the point is, that the edge's direction doesn't matter. Hence it should be more like:

g.V().has(instanceId, "nodeId", nodeA).as("a").
  V().has(instanceId, "nodeId", nodeB).

...or, if performance matters, don't enable path computations (using otherV):

g.V().has(instanceId, "nodeId", nodeA).as("a").
  V().has(instanceId, "nodeId", nodeB).


On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 3:32 AM, <tpr...@...> wrote:
You can use coalesce step to do a check or insert query.
Something like g.V(idTo).as('to').V(idFrom).coalesce(__.outE('labelE').has('id',idValue),

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