Custom attribute serializer

J MacNaught <jma...@...>

Hi all,

I'm porting my application from Titan to JanusGraph.

I was able to define a custom serializer for certain Java types, for example, ArrayList.

I cannot get this to work in JanusGraph.

I have this in my configuration: 

root.attributes.custom.attribute2.attribute-class = java.util.LinkedHashMap
root.attributes.custom.attribute2.serializer-class =
root.attributes.custom.attribute3.attribute-class = java.util.ArrayList
root.attributes.custom.attribute3.serializer-class =
root.attributes.custom.attribute4.attribute-class = java.util.LinkedList
root.attributes.custom.attribute4.serializer-class =

I get this error when defining the property:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not a supported data type: class java.util.ArrayList

at ~[guava-15.0.jar:?]

at org.janusgraph.graphdb.types.StandardPropertyKeyMaker.make( ~[janusgraph-core-0.1.1.jar:?]


Are custom attributes supported anymore?

Note that the Configuration Reference in the documentations says that the option name should be this: 


But you get this error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Need to set configuration value: root.attributes.custom.attribute-class


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